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How can physical therapy help with my neck pain

Jul 13, 2023
Do you have neck pain?
Physical therapy can help with neck pain in a number of ways. It can reduce pain and inflammation. Physical therapy can Improve your range of motion. PT can also help you strenghten your neck muscles and improve your posture

Physical therapy can help with neck pain in a number of ways. It can:

  • Reduce pain and inflammation. Physical therapists use a variety of techniques to reduce pain and inflammation, including ice, heat, massage, and ultrasound.
  • Improve range of motion. Neck pain can often lead to stiffness and decreased range of motion. Physical therapists can help you regain your range of motion through exercises and stretches.
  • Strengthen the neck muscles. Strong neck muscles help to support the neck and reduce pain. Physical therapists can teach you exercises to strengthen your neck muscles.
  • Improve posture. Good posture helps to reduce stress on the neck. Physical therapists can help you improve your posture through exercises and education.
  • Educate you about your condition. Physical therapists can teach you about your condition and how to manage it. They can also help you develop a home exercise program to continue your progress after you finish physical therapy.

The length of time that you need physical therapy for neck pain will vary depending on the severity of your pain and the underlying cause. However, most people find that they see significant improvement in their pain and function within 6-12 weeks of starting physical therapy.

If you are experiencing neck pain, talk to your doctor about whether physical therapy is right for you. Physical therapy can be a safe and effective way to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and strengthen your neck muscles.

Here are some of the specific exercises that a physical therapist may recommend for neck pain:

  • Neck stretches. These stretches help to improve flexibility and range of motion in the neck.
  • Neck strengthening exercises. These exercises help to strengthen the muscles that support the neck.
  • Posture exercises. These exercises help to improve your posture, which can reduce stress on the neck.
  • Ice and heat therapy. These treatments can help to reduce pain and inflammation.
  • Massage therapy. This treatment can help to relax tight muscles and improve circulation.

If you are considering physical therapy for neck pain, be sure to find a physical therapist who specializes in treating neck pain. They will be able to develop a treatment plan that is specific to your needs and goals.

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