Sports Therapy

What does orthopaedic/bone & joint rehabilitation involve?

A physical or occupational therapy evaluation is the first step in the rehabilitation process. The evaluation identifies areas of deficit, including strength, range of motion and functional abilities. An individualized treatment plan is established which will address areas of deficiency and will work to achieve the patient’s own goals for treatment. Treatment plans may include, pain reduction/management through the use of modalities (fluidotherapy, electrical stimulation, ultrasound) and manual techniques, restoration of motion and strength through exercise, education, and functional training.

How long will orthopaedic/bone & joint rehabilitation take?

The length of rehabilitation will vary depending on when therapy is initiated, the severity of symptoms and the patient’s goals for rehabilitation. Therapy services are often coordinated with any ongoing medical treatment prescribed by your treating physician. A typical frequency may be one to two times per week and could last for several weeks or a few months in order to maximize progress and functional outcomes.

What type of recovery/outcome can I expect from orthopaedic/bone & joint rehabilitation?

Treatment plans are designed to maximize your physical abilities in order to return to full functional, recreational and occupational activities.

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